Book launch 20th July 6 pm

Book launch 20th July 6pm for member Felicity Edwards’ latest book Arctic Circle, the sequel to Full Circle.

Money raised will go towards Ukrainian charities, one for animals and one for displaced people in Ukraine.

The Book launch is on 20 July at 18.00 in Art of Coffee Coleford.

There will be a raffle (prizes gratefully received) to raise funds for Ukrainian charities. One to help internally displaced people and one for animal rescue shelters. Funds from the sale of books will also go to the above charities.

Book launch Arctic Circle cover

About the book: Set 23,000 years ago the book is about a group of Denisovans.

Ivan, an archaeologist and shaman follows them as as they journey along the eastern shore of Lake Baikal then northwards until they find a new home cave. From there a new young shaman leads a group of younger folk east to the Bearing land bridge. When the sea encroached they ford to the mount of the Yukon.

Ivan and his wife also move from Siberia to the Yukon where he works as a lecturer and researcher.

His friends Mikhail and Zoya plus Sophia, the mother of his deceased mentor Sonja settle in the area too.

Find Felicity here or follow her on Amazon here

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