Community poetry

On Tuesday, 14th May, four poets from Dean Writers Circle, Val Ormrod, Toni Wilde, Carol Sheppard and Jolie Marchant attended an official press launch of a new Poetry Post for Yorkley, organised by Roger Deeks and Paul Stephens-Wood, from Bream Library.

Background of Poetry Posts.

Over the past year, outside Bream Library, stands a Bream Poetry Post that has showcased poems from local poets. Generally, a new poem is displayed every two to three weeks. There are copies for people to take away in the Library and they also appear on the Bream Library website where they can be downloaded. Paul had now arranged another Poetry Post to stand outside Yorkley Community Centre which was being celebrated. At the event, as well as the four poets from DWC, there were various visitors present from the Yorkley area and photographer Alan from Bream library.

It was a wonderful morning and Paul had the opportunity to talk to Radio Gloucestershire and explain how Poetry Posts had been established and how poets within the Forest area were eager to contribute. Paul also mentioned that there was a Poetry Post in Portland, Oregon where his daughter lives and whatever poem is showcased here in the Forest, is also placed in the Poetry Post in Oregon. 

You can listen to Paul’s interview here.